Flash Mob for the Roma

Project „Flash Mob for the Roma” is an  Roma youth initiative, a follow up to the project  “Messengers against discrimination” who had a great success for developing solidarity between Roma people, Lippovans and Romanians and promoted tolerance towards ethnic minorities, particularly with Rroma.  The theme of the project is to combat discrimination and intolerance toward Roma by spreading the message against the discrimination and helping the Roma involved to develop their communicating, entrepreneurial and leadership capacities. The Roma involved will learn how to use their values and culture to fight against prejudice and to find their place in the Romanian and European society.

Activities to be conducted will cover organizing six “flash mob” session in the most important cities of the Romanian Nord-Est Region: Botosani, Suceava, Iasi, Bacau, Piatra-Neamt and Vaslui. Starting for the 21 volunteers that have learned to dance the anthem against discrimination in the project” messenger against discrimination” we will teach the dance to other youngsters from all of these cities. On one hand our message against discrimination will reach more effectively the large public from different environment becoming aware that the Roma are not a problem, but discriminatory mentality is. On the other hand the young Roma and their friends will they learn to be open mind, to organize, to communicate, to develop themselves and to collaborate and to get involved to achieve significant results.

By this project the people involved will prove courage and involvement by “blocking down” the streets to promote the tolerance, intercultural learning and SOLIDAIRTY with the Roma people reinforcing the idea of living in diversity.

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