GipsyEye participe tot the Roma Youth Conference in Strassbourg!

As a recognition fo the work that our Roma volunteers are doing, The Council of Europe has called GipsyEye to work toghether with other Roma youth leaders from Europe for the future of Roma.

Nicoleta Bengoi, student in second year at Politic Sciencies in University AI CUZA ,Iasi, will represent our association:

As a young Roma leader who is proud to be Roma i found very interesting the activities on the Roma issue proposed by the European Council. I think that this is a big change to meet, to exchange experience and to work together to improve the Roma situation.

See here more information about the conference:

The Roma Youth Conference Voicing the aspirations and projects of Roma youth in the Council of Europe, taking place at the end of September in Strasbourg, aims at bringing together Roma youth organisations and Roma youth representatives to discuss the priority needs and objectives for a Roma Youth Action Plan within the Council of Europe.

In addition to the need to implement a youth dimension to the Strasbourg Declaration, the youth sector of the Council of Europe is driven by the need to refresh its approach on working with young Roma in view of the bi-annual programme of activities for 2012-2013. A Roma Youth Action Plan will provide a strategic approach to the youth policy of the Council of Europe regarding Roma by pooling resources and initiatives and by linking individual activities with medium-term goals.The Roma Youth Conference is planned to be a follow up activity to the The Strasbourg Declaration on Roma, adopted during the October 2010 High-Level Meeting. It will gather primarily representatives and active leaders of Roma youth organisations and young Roma (between 18 and 30 years old) active in other organisations and projects from the Council of Europe member states. During this four day event 50 participants will be able to share their ideas, skills and knowledge in a non-formal intercultural learning environment.The outcomes of the conference will be submitted to the Joint Council on Youth and to the Council of Europe’s Ad Hoc Committee on Roma. Link:

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