Khetanes- Augen auf: Let´s See Beyond Prejudice

Pascani, RO- For ten days, from 30.4.2013- 11.5.2013, 24 young people coming from Germany, Bielefeld and Pascani-Iasi aria Romania, aged 16 to 28, were fighting discrimination and prejudice in a Youth in Action Exchange financed by European Commission  called Khetanes Augen auf: ( Together in Romanes and German) – Let´s See Beyond Prejudice .


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The two student groups from different cultural and social backgrounds stayed together in Pascani – Moldavia Region. They lived under the same roof and share food, shelter, organising and cleaning task and moments of joys and friendship. They built together a bridge communication by   combining non-formal activities, workshops on human rights, discrimination, exclusion, identity and self- empowerment with practical work on the playground ensured a broader understanding of intercultural exchange.

Both, the German and the Romanian Roma students could diminish their prejudices of each other through interaction on a daily basis- intercultural dialogue. They introduced to each other, their national food, dances, music and games. Together they went on discovering the rural and urban Romania by a field trip to Iasi, visiting traditional rural Roma communities and celebrating the Orthodox Easter. They shared stories and reflected on their experiences with discrimination. This youth project can be seen as one successful example, how misconceptions and prejudices can be compensated with working, living, reflecting and having fun together.

The exchange project was developed and implemented in cooperation with the NGO Gipsy Eye from Iasi and the VereinfürBildungsprojekte Pro Fellow from Germany. One, of both organisations goals, is to provide equal chances and empowerment for the youth from a disadvantaged background through education.

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