Gipsy Eye in France

Some impressions from our trip to France from 3.6-17.6.2013. We visited Marseille and Toloun and took part in the Mozaiques project with other young people from Israel, Palestine, Libanon, Zyprus, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Neger and of course from France.  All of them presented issues of their countries or the organisations they work for. The group from Marseille Dialog presented their experiences from their Israel- Palestine visit. We presented Gipsy Eye  – especially the after school project inimi pentru inimi and of course Ghiocel, Krina and Mariana danced a lot.  Also, we visited Roma families living in France in not vey good conditions and listend and talked to people working with them e.g. the Caritas. It was a great experience to engage with other young people and to exchange experiences through intercultural dialoge.

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