Cat de important e sa ajuti un copil la invatat?

20130722_101434   La ultima ora de limba engleza, a fost o atmosfera  nemaipomenita. Nicusoara sau Niky in engleza a tinut sa faca recaptirulare cu copii. Astfel ne-am adus aminte culorile, numerele si alfabetul. Pana aici totul bine si copilasii sau the childrens s-au descurcat foarte bine. Apoi cu zambetul pe buze am invata fructele : apple, watermelon si altele. Prichindeii nostri  s-au aratat foarte interesati si dornici sa invete cat mai mult dar am mai lasat si pentru orele urmatoare. Dincolo de limba engleaza pentru mine a fost uimitor  ved ca poti face un copil sa isi doreasca sa invete, sa ii trezesti curiozitatea si acesta sa vrea el singur ca caute raspunsurile la propriile intrebari.

Atunci cand esti aproape de un copil si incerci sa-l inveti, sa-i deschizi portile educatiei, sa-i oferi informatii el devine ca un lut pretios din care mesterul olar va fauri ceva nespus de frumos. De dibacia mainilor tale, de rabdarea si de increderea pe care i-o oferi tine succesul acestuia. Trebuie sa ai mare grija si mereu imi spun ca atunci cand lutul se va usca trebuie ca acel copil sa fie suficient de pregatit pentru societatea din care facem cu totii parte.

   Angela Schwindt spunea ca: “Atunci cand incercam sa ne instruim copiii despre totul din viata, ei ne invata ce este viata.” Cat adevar! Si noi la clubul “Inimi pentru inimi” asta incercam sa facem, sa invatam despre viata alaturi de cei ce reprezinta viitorul.

English Version

How important is to help a child to learn?

At our last English class, was an wonderful atmosfeare. Nicusoara sau Niky in English made a reevalaluation with the kids. So like this we remember the colours, numbers and the alphabet. Until now is all good and the childrens have done very well. And then with the smile on their faces we learned fruits: apple, watermelon and many others. Our little guys have showed lots of interest and are willing to learn more and especially in the next classes as well. Beside the English class for me it was amazing to see what a kid can do when he wants to learn, to wake up their curiosity and so the kid on his own will search for the answers at their own question.

When you are close to a child and you try to teach him and open the gates of education to offer them information he becames like a piece of clay from wich potter master will make it into a beautiful pot From the ability of the hands and the patience and the confidence that you will give to him will asure him his success. You have to always be careful because when the clay will dry that kid that you were modeling hasn`t  ready enough for the society in wich he take`s  part.

Angela Schwindt said that: “When we try to teach our childrens everything that life means, then they will teach us what life is realy about”. What a true fraze! And us The Heart to Heart club, try to do this, to learn about life along with the ones that represent the future.

Autor: Dana Danescu

Traducere: Nicusoara Bordei


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