Do you know how to make a good team?

Yesterday we meet , so we can make the battle plan that will make the public from Copou Park on 14 september to love us. You probably know that then we will take part in the Gfest festival, and we will show you that the rroma people have a culture a history and a heart that deserve to be known, and understanded.

For this we need a very strong team , united, motivated and especially one that gives results. For this we chose to keep a training that has as central asiament: “How to make a good team!”. To have a good and unite team, we have to know one with each other better than we did till now, ve have to  be accept between us with good and bad things.So because of this we made our portraits .he game “Portraits”, is a way to understand how the others see you.Practicay on a piece of paper is written the name of a participant , how many participants we have , that are the numbers of the portraits we will have. Next whe we say start everyone will detain a paper with someones name and he will start to drow.When we say “chande” the paper will be at someonelse. And it will get something like this:


After we establish ”what a team means”, what  values  of a team, what a leader has to do and how we can fix the problems that apeares and how we can get trought them, so we go to the next game. We split the volunteears in teams made by 4 members. Each  team chose a leader that had to leave the room and then thry to find an idea for the Gfest, thata was supouse to share with everyone from his team .But what the leaders don’t know is that  each member of the team had  their own part to play.So the team was made by 4 members: 1 leader, one person that was always saying NO, noe with YES ans the one that dosen’t care of anything.And now you try to convince the NO that your idea is the perfect one.But our young leaders have shown many skils, and patience , when they tried to present the idea to their team.The game have shown  the volunteears tahta a good team has a good leader, full of skil, and people willing to lisent to him, understand him and mostly willing to help him.


The movie that we saw has made them laugh. You just stay and watch:

You thing this was all? Not even close…After this game we started the team work.We took two persons we tie their eye and we put them to lift a pen with just two fingers, one of them and one belonging to the other. Just like in the images below.



The meating showed to be  a very interesting one  and mostly productive, new ideas for Gfest,o unite team and open to new and crazy ideas.


Georgiana Apintilesei: ”The subject from yesterday realy kept my attention and I went in the discution with big pleasure, I like the fact that everyone just got involve and did the best they could!The things that made me lough wore the games and the movie that suggested , when is cooperation in grups , you can get to great things.

Dana Danescu: “ Trainingul was full with information but very fun as well, the masangers were cought the idea of a good team and they have shown thata they love to be in the place they already  are. I love  to work with them more and more each day.

Sabina R.Savinescu: ” The meating was one that build us , it teached us  what team work means, I on my own skin have seen how it is to  be a leader.As well the movie that shown us the how the team work is and that was very fine. For the portraits I could not say more. And in last i just can’t wait to get and think on ideas for the Gfest so we can start working.

Autor: Dana Danescu

Traducere: Nicusoara Bordei

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