non formal homework and solidary , this is on top!


DSC_0220DSC_0228We the volunteer but mostly the kids from “Heart to heart club”, we like to play but each time with a purpose. And that is exactly what non-formal education teaches us. How through game and pleasant methods appropriate for children’s we can develop their abilities and their creativity.

So we play as much as we can play: drawing, dancing, earning new songs and of course we never forget to do our homework’s. The volunteers are encouraging the kids and they are helping them to do their homework and to learn new information’s. We are glad to see that at the beginning of the year so many children’s coming, from freshman’s in first grade to the oldest ones in fourth grade, and now of course the homework’s will be a bit different as well. But that is not an obstacle for our volunteers , to give that we discover a new form of SOLIDARITY and it shows among our little ones very often , the bigger ones give tem support and teach the little ones how to do their homework.

We are closing with a little announcement: Starting next week we will start the preparation for a few of the children’s to come at Pascani and participate at the event organize on the 25 October by Gipsy Eye, together with our massagers against discrimination. Did we make you curious? Keep an eye on us, and we will be back with more information about this event as soon as possible

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