Monday, march 31st

Hi everybody !





Today was a good day, I spend lovely time with two little children, Daiana and Ana-Maria. I teach them some words in english with their drawings and others objects which can be in classroom. I also do pronunciation exercises with them, we laughed a lot, but finally they were very concentrate in this work. Some other children join us to learn few words in english or just because they are curious to know what language I was speaking with the two youngest children.





ImageOther volunteer (Pietro, Nadir and Stefana) helped children with their homeworks as usually with special attention for their respectives difficulties. Michela ? She continued her project in drawind children faces. They like this activity and they were very motivated to learn english in this goal. Some of them, more impatient than others, came to ask me if I was able to draw their face because Michela was drawing an other child but I don’t know draw and this moment was ery funny because they didn’t believe me so I tried to do something good but… Oups ! I don’t know draw, it’s true !

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