Friday, April 04th


Today, Stefana stays with children who had homeworks to help them


and Pietro, Andreea and Margaux went outdoor to play new games :

ImageAfter short presentation of seasons in english, the game was to draw what Margaux says in English (with precious help of Andreea who was her translator) and in the same time when Pietro said “stand up”, children had to sit donw (the game of reverse, where you have to do all reverse that the leader says). It was very funny and we hope that some of children remember few words in english.Image

Andreea came with us in Cozmesti to make a surprise to children and the second suprise was chocolates. When they see it, their faces were very happy and with beautiful smiles, suprises were a success!! Image

In conclusion, this day was a very good day, with sun, smiles and… chocolate!

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