Stressed volunteers but kindly children = smile on all faces !

The stress of the first time… You know, when you’re sure that you want do this thing and you know that it will be great but not really how do this… And when the time is comming to act and stop to think how, what,and when, you must have to go, to fight these questions in your head and begin something. Today, for us, Europeans volunteers Gipsy eye, it was our feeling, I will explain you… Image

Today was the first day we stay one hour more to teach them news things like English,how write or read and on other workshop willImage be theater. Our problem ? We didn’t want they feel these workshops like a lesson even if it’s this. So we had prepare cartoons for teaching them English without know if they like, if they will really understand or not, … In resume, a lot of questions in our little brains.


Don’t worry, we survived ! Children were kindly and smiling in front of us but we know that we have to improve these moments with them.


If I’ve to do a general conclusion, I would like say that today was a good day with smiling and listening children, new way of learning and patience of all group.


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