Wednesday, 14th May 2014 (Pietro)

Before begin with the post of what we have done today with children in cozmesti I`d like to say a special thanks to all volounteers and trainers of the training course in Busteni. They help us, and now I feel really more creative.

As you have read on the last post we have started with a new programm with children, and we stay one hour more for English, Maths and Romenian language and for Theatre lesson. Today was the day of Maths and Romenian Language, and yesterday, with Margaux and Michela, we have create Maths themes with a game, with money and different things (fruits, flowers, bottles of cola ecc ecc), to have fun and to understand what are the levels of this children. But today something of really really bad has happened. The first our there where only the smallest children, and everything was all right. At 13:00 as all the Wednesday, one by one all the children of the fourth class arrive, and then the disaster starts. When they arrive seems like everything was ok, but after the lunch, at the beggining of the third our, which was the our of Maths and Romenian Language, they start to scream bad words and to fight, using hands and kicks. We try to calm them, but nothing to do, they continue with this history… About today, I am sorry, but I can say only “Lucky Us, It`s finish…”ImageImage

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