Let’s go beyond the stereotype and prejudice saying that all Roma children are often seen as filthy beggars or pick pockets and Roma do not value education and they don’t want to go to school..Let’s try it through the theater.

Roberta is a Roma girl, she is shy and studious. It takes two months of “couting” to see her big eyes and to hear her voice.

Through theater we can explore ourselves and our desire for the future, challenging our shyness and self-determination. Today Roberta did this.

Today All of us discovered Roberta as successful singer.

Personally, I managed to snatch a interview to her. It’s been hard, she lives with her band in England and she is very busy traveling on tour in Italy, France and Portugal. She held a concert for us, singing a few songs too. it was amazing. The extra theatre time has finished and I recomended to Roberta to write, during this week end, her songs.

She told me- May I really do that?

-Yes you can. With the due respect for the others, you can do everything you want in your life.

Than i saw her eyes shining.

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