Wednesday, 21th of may, 2014 (Pietro)

Today, as all the Monday, Wednesday and Friday we go in Cozmesti for our “Inimi pentru Inimi” (Hearto to Heart) project. Today was really hot and the sun was shining, but we decide to stay inside for the first two hours, the hour of homework and for the lunch too. Not all the children had homework, so Michela take one of them and play with him, with cards, but was a mathematic game! After, when all of them has finish the homework, for our new third hour, we decide to go out and stay in the park of the school for games, related with program. Today we have done, for the first time, an experiment with children, we play with them in veeery particular way… and we do Geographic test! We show them a world map with all the countries with the name in Romenian, and with 5 minutes of time they had to compose, with letters of alphabet, the name of more States as possible. The incredible thing is that no one as win! Three different teams, and all three teams has scored 13 states! Most of theese state was in common, but a team has write “strange” name for all other children (for example Ghana and Senegal). They was so happy, and they really really like this day… and us? We really love this day too. Children was so relaxed and happy, and if I had to say something, maybe I can say: “It was a beautiful day…”Image



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