Some times i get surprised!

Hi everybody !

If there isn’t post from friday, it’s not that we didn’t go in Cozmesti’s school but that it was a routinely day : so, as you already know, some children did their homework, others played with us. It was a sunny day, a bit difficult sometimes for us, as usual when you work with children but, if I’ve to resume, it was a nice day.

About today…

It was a difficult day for us, we had to find solution for children who didn’t want to do their homework and respect us. For this, I must thank Crina, a volunteer Gipsy Eye since two years, who find words, that I haven’t in my Romanian’s vocabulary, to explain them in good way why the respect is important.

A good moment of this day ? There wasn’t just one but tell you all of its can make you boring so, I choose one personal… I was helping Denisa, Raluca and Bogdan with mathematics exercises when then I met a problem : I didn’t understood well the question they had to resolve. And it’s then surprising to see how these children were patients with me to explain this question they had understood and knew the answer. Roles switched and it was very interesting and lovely from them.

This day finished with an English song
” I’ve a little house like this, like this, like this

I’m claping in my hands like this, like this, like this”

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