School desertion is one of the most important problems affecting the education system.
This problem is even more severe in the population that’s living in poor conditions.
Although public education is guaranteed for all of the population in the country, families have various levels of expenditures in order to send their children to school.
The DSC_0226 for buying shoes, clothing and school materials  are the most common issues that parents have to face when they send their children
to school. For example during the raining day several children don’t go to school because they lack of good shoes.
Gipsy eye is fighting for reducing school desertion in several and different approaches.
Aware that all children have a natural strong disposition to explore and discover new things, we decided for an interactive teaching approach based on natural curiosity, enabling children to interact, communicate, reflect, as, for example, watching english cartoon. Of course, sometimes it can be hard, and not always we would entirely accomplish what’s planned.
The end of school, the weather and maybe other personal reason were contributing to an unusual sparse children’s absenteism. It is in these moment that teamwork and collaboration is necessary. The director of Cozmesti school, in order encourage children, use to lend us the video projector of the school. So We watch english cartoon during our program and moreover he promised them that if they continue to come over, he will let them use the school computer sometimes, a thing that they would really love. So, today the class was full of energic children 🙂

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