See beyond…stereotypes. Is that true that Roma don’t want to work?

Stereotypes are generalizations about a group of people.  It happens when we attribute a defined set of characteristics to a group. These classifications can be positive or negative. Back when their first migrations to Europe took place, Roma people have been known for their trades. Whether they worked as musicians, artists, fortunetellers, blacksmiths or horse traders, Roma have worked for a living. Perhaps, it’s their nomadic former tradition that leads today many to believe people of the Romani culture are lazy and don’t have jobs, but it couldn’t be further away from the truth. I have met Roma workers, hard workers, and I have met Roma unemployed. I have met really well dressed Roma, and Roma who have no shoes. I have met honest and dishonest Roma, as it happens often when one meets different people.

Several episodes of bad behaviours should be indicators of poverty and discrimination but not of ‘Gypsyness’. In any case, in these days we are working for renovating a new after school structure for children and we are a good team: Two “Gage” (Margaux and I) and two Rom. Personally, I don’t believe that in order to be accepted from society we have to be hard workers, but in any case,  when the Gage woke up the Roma were working for a long time 🙂


ImageImage  Michela Castiglione

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