The beggining of the school etc. et. by Pietro

Monday, 15th of September, school has begin again, and we see children with lot of joy going to school. That’s true, we lost more than someone, but new children come to our “heart to heart club“. Into children we will not see again, for example, Alexandru and Gabriel (in the following picture) who go in 5th class.


P1020264But in our new program, ” The winter program”, everything is going to be as before, with timeline from 12:00 to 14:00, with children who have homeworks. And now, we have a new partners that every time will send us new volunteers : the ” Mihai Sadoveanu” school in Pascani. For example today we spent our time with two girls, Claudia and Ioana, wich are at Sadoveanu’s High school. As volunteers, they helped us in our work with children, for homeworks and for games too. It was a great week for us, with emotion to see something changing into our “heart to heart club”




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