Volunteer against discrimination: competencies

logo vad 2015The project “volunteers against discrimination: competencies” is a Roma youth initiative willing to bring the European values and intercultural dialogue closer to the Roma community in the Nord-Est of Romania. Gipsy Eye Association will host for 10 months 4 EVS volunteers from France, Hungary, Spain and Italy . Together with the local volunteers their mission will be to combat the scholar abandon, poverty, discrimination and intolerance in order to increase the chances of equal opportunities for Roma children and teenagers in Pascani and Stolniceni.
The volunteers will be place in a network of partnership with the mayor hall, public schools and other ONG from the area and integrated into the community. Their role will be to sustain by using specific element of non-formal activities the daily life of the “Hart to hart” non-formal education clubs where 30 children (6 years to 16 years) coming from poor, isolated and mono parental family will learn how to be open minded and to improve their chance to success. 60 percent of them are Roma origin. The EVS volunteers will be trained in order to learn how to work with the children, how to animate the sessions, to hold seminars , to work with the parents hot to help them to come to school, to do their homework, to do Foreign Language and Dance classes. All this will develop their communicating, entrepreneurial and leadership capacities. By this we want to help the volunteer to develop his personal plan and by his presence reinforcing the local voluntary work among the youngsters. They will be the internationals Volunteers Against Discrimination into the community and in their own countries. Our partners are UFCV France and FIVe Hungary.
This is a follow up initiative of “ EVS beyond prejudice “.

the project is supported by the European Comission , Erasmus+ programme.

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