We can surname this article : Four day in one

In fact, before the arrived of French group, one french (not tatally) women comes to Gipsy Eye the 12th So me Elodie. That’s how, 13th february was the first meet with children of Cozmesti. I come with Iustina, Nadir and Madelina. Some children comes to me to discover my name and know if I speak Romanian… It was difficult because actually I don’t speak Romanian. But the next day after the departure of french people I come back with Stefana and Iulian. The last week of February. It was just little bit easier with the language. We help to make homework as usually. And when I can, I learn them some words in french. One group try to speak together in french as if they met and were made the presentations. But in greater detail, the 25th was hard because some children was agitated. And the 27th with Nadir, he has put the silence in class and everybody have to revise mathematics. And the time ended with this and with the lunch.

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