A complicated week/O saptamana complicata


Lundi 16 : In the time when the oldest makes homeworks, we take advantage we the youngest for makes some revision around number in the writing and recognition. Subsequently, we continue with some games in more relaxed time, like for example “the hunting”, the french learning…

Mercredi 18 : This day was more important around the addition and others arithmétique problems, as the best way to help the children most in difficulties. So we take advange too for refresh the memories of the work which we begin in this Monday. Afterward, Adam and Iulian show us once again their drawer talent for the best pleasure of children who was under the charm of their creation.
Vendredi 20 : On the other hand, this last day of week was particularly difficult because the children was really agitated. The activities which we wanted make not happened like we wanted. But we give them some draw witch they must complete in following of number or addition. Finally the children come back at home 15 minutes before the end. DSC_6058
This week was principally difficult because the children were not concentrated and we couldn’t make some activities outside because the weather was raining and cold.

Luni 16: In timp ce cei mai mari faceau temle , am profitat si am repetat recunoasterea numerelor si scrierea lor , cu cei mai mici. Dupa toate acestea, am continuat facand niste jocuri pentru a ne relaxa in timpul ce ne-a ramas , ca de exemplu: “vanatoarea” , invatatul in franceza..

Miercuri 18: In aceasta zi ne-am concentrat mai mult pe probleme aritmetice de adunare , fiind cel mai bun mod de ai ajuta pe copiie aveau dficultati. Am profitat de timp pentru a repeta cu ei cunostintele acumulate in ziua de luni. Dupa , Adam si Iulian , ne-au aratat inca odata talentul lor in a desena , spre incantarea copiilor.
Vineri 20: Pe de alta parte , ultima zi a saptamanii a fost putin complicata deoarece copii erau foarte agitati. Majoritatea activitatilor pe care le aveam in plan sa le facem , nu s-au desfasurat dupa cum vroiam. Dar le-am dat un joc pe o foaie. Trebuiau sa coloreze cu o anumota culoarea in functie de numar. Copii au plecat acasa cu 15 minute mai devreme de terminarea programului.
Aceasta saptamana a fost dificila deoarece copii nu s-au putut concentra foarte bine iar noi nu am putut sa facem activitati afara pentru ca ploua si era frig.


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