Hungarian Story

First of March was the beginning of the big adventure in Western Moldavia. I was EVS volunteer for a short-term project in a forgotten countryside, on the other side of Carpathians, in Paşcani. For a Hungarian it is a „fairy-tale” world, where our ancestors’ history mixes with the Romanian present… and with the Roma culture!


With Gipsy Eye I received insight to the Roma culture of Eastern Romania and to the Romanian language. The work with children in the school of Cozmeşti was an internal travel on the border of traditions and souls. Every day was a little new discovery, what has become a part of me unnoticed. Two month is really short to the formal learning, but more to experience. Moods, smells, feelings… Mulţumesc, România!11227135_418243571670945_1329851098_o


Adam from Hungary

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