Alvin, new volunteer!


Hello, my name is Alvin, I’m 18 years old and I come from the North of France.

I just got a Scientific baccalaureate diploma in Engineering science and I want to study Chemistry.

I will stay in Romania for 2 months.

This project has nothing to do with my current studies, however I wanted to test my capacity to adapt to another way of life and acquire self-confidence. The ADICE association in Roubaix accompanied me in the appropriate steps and offered me the possibility to join a project in Romania, within “Gipsy Eye”. It is a real opportunity to discover a new country, a new way of life while helping children and acquiring new professional and personal skills.

Therefore, I am workinIMG_20170721_225615_562.jpgg as an EVS volunteer in the association “Gipsy Eye”. As a volunteer, my duty is to help children with their homework and teach them new games. I am also volunteering for the “Chirpici” project, which will allow us to build a museum about the Roma culture in Romania.

I didn’t know a lot of things about Romanie before I came here. I imagined it was a very poor country but I realized it is not the case everywhere.

For the moment, I learned how to say : buna ziua, pofta buna, noapte buna si a ma chiama Alvin. Pe curand !

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