New year, new beginning…


New year, new beginning…

Happy New Year to everyone who have known the website for a while, and the ones who are just discovering it. To all of you people who are here just for a bit, and to all of you volunteers and members of the association, without you Gipsy Eye would be nothing.
When you hear about new year, you also hear about resolutions. And it’s whith good resolution that comes change, progress and innovation. All of our history is to be written, so let’s be brave!
This year, Gipsy Eye will be getting bigger. Some projects will be actively starting, and more than ever, we will be needing, through all the year to come, new hands in order to help our power of action to grow.13046197_10153438814196231_508505031_n

• ACTIV : 65 children from a little romanian town, Cozmesti, will recived help from the association.
• CHIRPICI : Construction of an eco-museum in the town of Bratesti, where in several house will exposed traditional art of the roma community.
• Many exchange with young people from France, Italy, Sweden and Greece !

We are all hoping that you will answer this call to volunteer, and once again, we wish you a happy new year !

translated from Fr by Ines

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