Inspiring visit at the After School at the Social Center “Don Bosco”-Iasi

Cozmesti, statul voluntarilor EVS


On the 14th of February, during Valentine’s Day, the volunteers and workers of Gipsy Eye decided to dedicate their love to the visit of the Social Center, “After School”, in Iasi, in order to discover the achievement and functioning of an “After School”.

Mihaiela (coordinator) welcomed us joyfully. She could talk three languages, including French and English, and she very kindly translated the visit for us. She has devoted her energy over 10 years to this place, dedicated to help children to be raised appropriately.

With the help of several chaperons, educators, and a psychologist, this team leads the everyday lives of these children by welcoming them here each day of the week.


> What’s the point?

The goal of the facility is to guide and work with the children on their social abilities, in order to help them growing up with the best beginning possible.

The principal aim of an After School is to help children with their homework, but the team opt for a different point of view: the children welcomed have, most of the time, a lot of academic difficulties, basics are not learned, and the team prefers helping them with informal education methods.

This vision is sometimes difficult to associate with the visions of the schools. Especially with the teachers who can’t be in the same mindset.


> Which public?

Children (from 6 to 14 years old) with a schedule of 12/12:30 to 16/16:30 (depending of the time of the year – earlier during winter). Often from a larger family, they can have academic, social or familial difficulties.


> But what did we really do?

First of all, we visited the location: downstairs for the activities, totally renovated by art students, who painted cartoons characters on the walls, done totally voluntarily, so it gives the place an enchanted atmosphere.

On the first floor, we introduced ourselves to the children present that day, who asked us questions about our hobbies, why we came in Romania and what for, and about our mission here. A nice way to end our visit, with a nice and dynamic atmosphere.

Maybe there will be more exchanges to follow!

After our visit to this After School, we learn a lot of things. Especially, the principal goal of an After School, which is not necessary only doing your homework, but mostly helping kids to over the basics again through games and educational activities.”

This visit gave us some ideas about our work at Cozmesti will go, and to prepare ourselves. The room with the paintings is also something that inspired us.”

The After School of Iasi is a very good example, and we hope to do as much of a good job as Mihaiela’s team!”

Julien, Mariah, Octave, Inès


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