Summer School




Speak Romanian or Rromanes?

Dear friend, if you see this message please do not forget „Don’t worry, be Roma”. If you would like to lear a new language in order to be able to speak with the Roma, pls join our summer school. We are happy to offer you intensive language and cultural courses in order to be able:

  • 7 days: iniation in Rromanes and/or Romanian . At the end you will be able to understand, to speak the basic of the languages and to know more about the tradtition and the culture
  • 14 days: the conversation becomes At the end you will be able to make sentences, to speak and to understand in a way that you might get along in the community. You might even try to make some jokes and to understand the song.
  • 21 days: you can easy make links in the community and be able to ask an to answer basic question. You might even try to make som philosophycal discutions but we can not guarantee. It’s up to you. But we are sure that you will apreciate our songs, thatre and even humour.




If  you’re  not yet convinced, please ask us for more informations and feel free to call or to write us.



How to Apply

To apply to the Gipsy Eye Summer School please here

You can apply to Gipsy Eye Summer School is by application form from Gipsy Eye website.. Any future questions you have please fill free to ask.


DURATION End of July 2015,-beggining of August
07 days workshop (arriving day)26 July  – 2 august  (departure day)(arriving day) 2 august – 9 august (departure day)(arriving day) 9 august – 16 august (departure day)
14 days workshop  (arriving day) 26 July – 9 august (departure day)(arriving day) 2 august – 16 august (departure day)
21 days workshop  (arriving day) 26 July – 16 august  (departure day)

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