V.A.D 2015

We are looking for  volunteers!    To apply just write me at gipsyeye2008@yahoo.com

The project “Volunteerasmus_logo2014er against discrimination : competencies” is a Roma youth initiative willing to bring the European values and intercultural dialogue closer to the Roma community in the Nord-East of Romania.  Together with the local volunteers their mission will be to combat the scholar abandon, poverty, discrimination and intolerance in order to increase the chances of equal opportunities for Roma children and teenagers in Pascani and Stolniceni.logo vad 2015

The volunteers will be place in a network of partnership with the mayor hall, public schools and other ONG from the area and integrated into the community. Their role will be to sustain by using specific element of non-formal activities the daily life of the “Hart to hart” non-formal education clubs  where 30 children (6 years to 14 years) coming from poor, isolated and mono parental family will learn how to be open minded and to improve their chance to success. 60 percent of them are Roma origin.

Dear Volunteers,

Are you worried about your arrival in Romania, are you nervous about our meeting? Don’t you worry, you are among friends and we are going to prove it to you!

We’ll be waiting for you at the train station and we will help you with your luggage, so you can take with you everything you need. Then we will head to “your new home” to help you get settled, do a quick tour of the house and meet the neighbors and the Gipsy Eye team. The house has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and attic. You will be able to prepare your own breakfast, lunch and dinner, the kitchen is well equipped. The office is on the 1st floor, the office is also equipped. We have internet connection, running water (hot and co
ld), electricity and heat. Already living in the house Stefana Nicolau (projects Manager) and Dragos Stan (the Vice-President) and of course Blaky, our beloved dogs. The chores of the house and the backyard where you will live will be divided.


This is the office.

Camerele!/ The Rooms!

DSCN4163 DSCN4164

 The Kitchen!

The Bathroom !

The House !

The Dogs!


The Landscape

We’ll have a little chat, we’ll offer you some information about our association and then we’ll leave you to rest … right?


If you can speak English is ok… we also speak English … some of us more, some of us less, but we’ll manage to understand each other, if not we will talk until our hands will start to hurt.


The city where you have to get is called Pascani, but where you will be staying, along with other volunteers is located at a distance of 10 minutes by car from Pascani, there are also busses that go regularly in the town. If you already saw the schedule, you noticed that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have to go to Cozmesti, is a village situated about 12 km away from Pascani and 13 km away from Sodomeni (the town where you’ll be staying). For these three days we have to do some shopping, for the sandwiches that will be served to the pupils from Cozmesti. Do not worry, we’ll be there to show you, we’ll go together, shop, learn and memorize, all this together.


Going out …

The city of Pascani has quite a few places of entertainment, from terraces, restaurants, game rooms at the cafes and clubs, a bookstore and a library, small markests and supermarkets but also 2 fresh markets etc.. In Sodomeni, you can find small markets, but for the rest you have to go shopping in Pascani. As I said buses are quite frequent, so this will not be a problem.

In Cozmesti things are like this:

On Mondays we teach English, we try to learn the basics: colors, numbers, countries etc. Wednesdays are for the Romanian Language : we practice reading, do grammar and finally Fridays are dedicated to Mathematics practice. Each training will be prepared in advance by us. How goes a training? We arrive at 10 am, we do a small conversation about what happened in the days we have not seen each other and then start with practical exercises for one hour. The rest of the time is for having lunch, we wash our hands and eat together. The remaining time till 12 o’clock is for non-formal games.

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Tips: Is is forbbiden to beat, rush or sudden the children. Language and inappropriate behavior around them is strictly prohibited. Also the children aren’t allowed to hit us or talk badly. Respect must be mutual. For any other problems, please contact the Vice President.

Children mustn’t be left unattended!

Other Tips:

The hospital, dental or ophthalmology cabinets can be found in Pascani. For any problem you have, come and talk to us about it and I guarantee we will fiind a solution.

For further information or questions please contact us!



This project has been funded with
support from the European Commission. This  website reflects the views
only of the editor, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for
any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. priboiflorin says:

    Felicitari pentru acest blog. CU drag, Florin

  2. Erica C. says:

    Good morning,
    I saw on the italian site of ESV that this position for your project in Pascani is probably still open.
    I am really interested in it but I am not able to find the application form.
    Is there still a position for an italian volunteer? Where can I find the application?
    Thank you so much!

    1. GipsyEye says:

      Good morning Erica,
      I’m an EVS in this association, I let Ionut (president) know your message but he has a problem with this website (he can’t connect him for few times) so I let you his e-mail : gipsystan@yahoo.com
      If you can send an e-mail to him and let us your mail, it will be great !


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